The free tool for Individuals, Students, Families, and Businesses that allows you to
organize all your files and resources on the web in a single page.

Increase your productivity, keep everything organized in a single web page (which can also become your new homepage), and find your quick links to access any online resource, in cloud, and shareable with other users.

You can use it on your Computer, Tablet, and Mobile device.

Change the way you organize yourself, increase your productivity, and save time!

We created this tool to help you organize your work and personal resources on the web in a single, fully customizable page in just a few clicks (which you can also make your new homepage by installing our free browser extensions), with an integrated search engine and shared workspaces.


Easy to use

You can use Linkflot without having any computer skills. The tool is very easy to use and you can configure it from your computer with a single click.

Don't waste any more time searching for links, resources, or web links.

Once you have configured Linkflot to meet your needs, you will have a quick overview of all your resources that you can access with a single click. You won't have to open multiple tabs on your computer, tablet, or phone, and you won't have to waste time searching for your files. From today, you can finally have everything organized in one place.

Share your pages with other people

You can also share your personal page on Linkflot with a business group or with friends and students who are registered on the platform, so that they can also find them quickly within their account. You can also organize pages for your employees/colleagues so that they can find everything they need to work together with you ready for them.

Innovative and Compatible

Linkflot is the first tool of its kind that helps many people and businesses save time by organizing resources. We strongly believe that organization is a starting point for any successful digital experience and increase productivity.
Our extensions are also free to install and compatible with the most popular browsers in the world: Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, and Brave.

Integrations and Support

Do you need a custom feature for you or your business?
Do you have a suggestion or do you want to request a quick change to integrate into our software? Click the button below and write us an email with everything you need and we will try to make it happen as soon as possible.


People ❤️ Linkflot

Used every day by many individuals, students, and businesses that love organizing their web resources with Linkflot. We are very proud of this milestone achieved.

Works everywhere
Linkflot is a tool that is accessible and compatible from any device, including computers, tablets, and mobile devices.
You can choose your preferred colors and the number of links to insert based on your needs.
You will notice an increase in your productivity from the start. Linkflot is perfect for anyone who wants to become more productive in a very short time.
Install it as your new homepage in just one click with our browser extensions for Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Safari and Vivaldi.
Share your page with other individuals, students, or work colleagues to use Linkflot together.
Web searches
From your page, you can also perform web searches without having to change web pages.
Our systems comply with all modern security standards, including simple 2FA integration to make your pages more secure.
You can create multiple pages so that you can divide them into work, family, and personal, for example, so that you can organize yourself to the maximum based on the page chosen.

Ready to improve your productivity?
Organize yourself at your best with Linkflot!